James Berg is a musician, writer, and teacher. Often collaborative, his songwriting has been produced by Americana folk/rock musicians and was included on Old Shoe’s Family, named by WXRT as best Chicago album of the year. He will begin releasing singles from his album Trouble this spring. His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been available in Paris at Shakespeare & Company bookshop through Spoken Word Paris and Paris Lit Up publications. James teaches college rhetoric, literature, grammar, composition, and creative writing, previously as English Coordinator at Art Institutes in Chicago and currently at the City Colleges of Chicago. James has an MA in Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy from DePaul University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University. He volunteers with Poems While You Wait to benefit Rose Metal Press, a literary publication based in Chicago. This spring, James will return to Paris for the first time since the pandemic, and from there he’s planning a trip to Vietnam.

Photo by Sabine Dundure

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